When the time comes to choose a senior living community, individuals often find themselves overwhelmed. How can they make the right choice for themselves or their loved ones? What should they look for when making this choice? The following tips become of great help as the process moves forward. 

Know Your Needs

Determine what services and support are required. Many people focus on what is needed at the moment and never take future needs into consideration. Don’t make this mistake. With this information, it becomes easier to narrow the available choices and determine if independent living is right for the senior’s needs. 

Set a Budget

Determine how much can be set aside for living arrangements each month. Many expenses are included in the monthly rent or fee, such as utilities and meals. Consider all financial resources that may help offset the cost. 


People need to consider where they want to live. Are they happy where they currently are or do they want to be closer to the grandkids? Medical resources become important as a person ages, so keep in mind local medical facilities when selecting an assisted living community or any residential neighborhood for the loved one. These serve as only two of the many things a person needs to take into account when choosing a senior community location. 


What items can the senior not live without? Do they want a community that will let them bring their pet, or is a community with a comprehensive wellness program needed? In addition to listing necessities, make a list of desirable items to have in the new living arrangement. Once it has been determined which communities have the necessities, the focus then turns to those items it would be nice to have. 


Visit websites of different senior communities to learn more about what they offer. Determine which ones you may like to visit, and look for additional information on these senior centers. Reviews become of great help at this time, and social media serves as an excellent source of information for families looking to make this important choice. Ask people who have gone through this situation before for advice on how to choose a community. They can help you focus on things you might otherwise overlook. This allows you to learn from their mistakes. 

Arrange a Visit

Reach out to the communities remaining on your list of potential living accommodations. Have a list of questions to ask of each community, as this allows you to compare answers quickly and easily to further narrow the choices. When visiting the communities, pay attention to staff-resident interactions and the overall mood of the community. Do residents look happy and healthy or are they hidden away in their rooms? Spend plenty of time at each community to get a better feel of what your loved one’s daily life will be like. 


Narrow the list based on what you observed during the initial visits. Once the list has been whittled down, schedule a second visit. Go at a different time of the day to get a better feel for the place. Try to visit on an evening night or week to learn how the community operates when senior management isn’t present. Multiple visits help to ensure nothing is overlooked that could be detrimental to the senior’s health and wellbeing. 

Seek Legal Guidance

Individuals should consult with an attorney before transferring their loved ones to a senior living community. Although most communities provide residents with the highest level of care, not all do. Have the attorney review the contract that must be signed before the senior moves. Doing so ensures any potential problems are identified early in the process and all parties know their rights and responsibilities. Countless individuals overlook this step and their loved one pays the price. Ensure the individual can be moved easily if the situation deteriorates for any reason. 

Never rush the process of choosing a senior community. The goal is to find a place where the senior feels at home and is completely comfortable. When you do so, you’ll find they thrive in the new setting and enjoy life to the fullest during their last years of life. 

About Villa de San Antonio:

A warm and friendly community, Villa de San Antonio provides residents with plenty of services and lifestyle options to meet the needs of all. Cottage homes, apartment homes, and assisted living apartments ensure all residents have the accommodations they need. Our supportive team provides attention and assistance when needed while allowing seniors to live life as they choose.