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Excerpt from “I’m Not Alone Anymore”, by Father Patrick Martin

I'm not Alone Anymore! book cover by Father Patrick A. Martin

When entering the lobby at the Villa de San Antonion the Dining Room captures the eye!
The dining room is aesthetically pleasing with table linens and fresh flowers on every table.  Consistent mid-level lighting is well accepted.
The Hostess, Katrina is at the podium to meet, greet and seat.  There is   no assigned seating. The residents like it that way.
The menu is a masterpiece of offerings. From a choice of 3 daily entrées of pork, foul, fish or beef.  A special sandwich and salad are featured on the menu each week.  Foods representing various countries have their own specialties listed on their assigned day.  The “Soup Lady” is popular due to the large selection of her delicious soups made fresh every day.  The desserts choice ranges from pie, ice cream, churros, bread pudding, cake, berries Romanoff, and Tiramisu.
The term “Left side of the Menu“ is the brainchild of John Zachary,        Director of Villa Food Services for over a decade.
Left Side of All Day Dining Menu
Available from 11:00am -7pm Monday through Saturday
Entrees, From the Grill, Specials, Sides, Soups and Side Salads Beverages and Desserts.
One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
Review – Villa de San Antonio Resident

Donna - Google
We moved to the Villa in June of 2023. We have loved every minute here.  We are treated with love, respect, kindness, from the staff. The best food ever is served here.  The entire kitchen staff whips up more delicious dishes and variety of dishes in a day, than I could do in a week or more .  They  will stop and make other dishes that are on a separate menu for those wanting something different.  We made the right choice moving here.
Mary - Google

In early August 2018 my dear sister Patricia got a phone call asking if I might be available to celebrate Mass for them at Villa de San Antonio.  This appointment left me curious.  What is this Villa de San Antonio, I wondered?  Beverly, the caller, invited me and my sister and brother in law to come and see – to come for lunch one day.  We went and the rest is history!  I don’t remember much about the wonderful tour we had that day, only that the chapel where I would celebrate Mass for the residents and visitors of the villa had absolutely no steps and no rugs for me to trip over! Our tour ended with a fantastic lunch in the villa’s restaurant dining room.  Near the end of the meal, I exclaimed, to the shock of my sister, “I’d love to live here!”  I had no idea when I agreed to come and check out the place for my possibly coming to celebrate Mass that I was actually checking my future home! ….  I had lived with my sister and brother in law for six years.  We were family, I thought, forever, but now I was truly being called to let the residents and staff of the Villa de San Antonio be my brothers and sisters.  ….

As this book finally goes to press, I’ve been a resident of the Villa de San Antonio for a couple of weeks.  I join many of the residents for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Rosary each afternoon at three o’clock, at daily Mass, at meals and at many other activities.  I celebrate Mass for my fellow residents each Sunday morning in that fantastic chapel!  …  What excites me most about this move is that is that it really wasn’t my move.  Had that call from Beverly never come in ,  I would have never thought of moving.  I was perfectly happy living with my dear family.  It’s like God slapped me upside the head and said “OK, you’ve recuperated long enough.  It’s time to get back to the work for which I’ve called you!

Father Patrick A. Martin, Current Resident
A must see!! I can’t say enough how wonderful and amazing this senior living community is and the staff have longevity established which is rare. The Chapel is incredible and my favorite! The Health & Wellness Director (Roger) truly loves his residents/families along with all the staff. This is by far the BEST community in the city and HIGHLY recommended.
Blair - Google
Yesterday was day #1 of our move-in. The entire staff and residents have treated my wife and I as if we were secretly announced royalty. I was gobsmacked to say the least. We were immediately accepted as family. As Bogart famously said (perhaps paraphrasing) at the end of ‘Casablanca’, “Louis? this looks like the beginning of a great friendship…”
Craig - Google
I moved here in May 2022. The people that live here and all the staff are kind and patient. The staff is knowledgeable and always ready to help whoever needs them. Oh yes, the food is GREAT!! The menu gives a wide variety of items to choose from. There is a wide variety of activities, from playing cards to physical fitness classes. Don’t drive anymore? There is free bus service! The rent is reasonable, no hidden fees. But best of all, there is a beautiful St. Anthony chapel, with Mass most days and Protestant services on Sunday, plus Bible study classes during the week.
Come on out and take the tour; you will be surprised as you check out the different kinds of apartments. All are very comfortable, and you will find one that fits your needs. –
With love, Barbara
Barbara - Google

Video Testimonials

We toured this community, and it was very nice. The tour was good and the staff was very friendly and the facility was beautiful.
-TraceeA Place for Mom

Words CANNOT explain the level of professionalism and hospitality that my Family, my Company, & Ministry received from the entire Staff.
-Pastor James Everrett B.Google

This place is AMAZING!!! The staff is wonderful. This is my number one facility if any asks me where to go for Assisted Living or Independent Living.
-Melissa B.Google

This is a great senior care facility with a very attentive staff.
-Gabe M.Google

We have been very pleased with our experience so far. Prior to covid they would have lunch ins, transportation to museums and different attractions. They would also take us to concerts and symphony’s. The rooms would be about a four out of five, and i would recommend this community to others.
-JillA Place for Mom

My uncle was at Villa De San Antonio. They were wonderful. He was on the side where he could do things himself with his wife, and when his wife died he needed more assistance, so we moved him over to the assisted living side of the facility. He was getting all the services that they could provide for him, but he had become a fall risk, and they could not be there all the time for him. He was wheelchair bound. It was gorgeous. He would go play poker, and they had different little games set up for them. They were really wonderful about everything and helped us with anything we needed.

We have had an amazing experience here at Villa De San Antonio. Even with the food being delivered, it is still incredible and they have so many choices. They also have many fun activities for the residents that keep them busy. They do have a chapel here as well and provide all catholic services. They offer assisted and independent living. I would highly recommend.
-AnonymousA Place for Mom

This is where my mom lives. Giant sigh of relief and big thank you to the management and staff there for keeping everyone safe this last year.

I did a tour of Villa De San Antonio. It looked very clean. The lady from the tour was very helpful and very informational. Their food looked fantastic, and they had a lot of amenities available. They also had a lot of activities scheduled for the week. Plus, it’s in a good location. She showed me a large a two-bedroom apartment and a small one. The largest is too much for me to afford, but the layout for the smaller two-bedroom was good. It appeared to be well maintained. They also have a very nice chapel. It’s very nice in there on their premises. I didn’t taste the food; I just saw it, but they have a very large menu. They had a library. There was an exercise class going on. There was an astronomer who comes once a month to give a presentation, and he probably had five or six people in there listening to him.
-Lisa, Caring.com