Everyone has the right to live their lives to the fullest and with the highest degree of dignity. Veterans especially deserve to receive the daily care they need after having served their country with such bravery. After serving their country, veterans can choose to start an exciting new journey by becoming a resident in a senior living community that provides them with the daily services they need so they can live safely, healthily, and happily while remaining as independent as possible. 

Senior Living Communities Are Like Resorts

When people think of senior living, they often mistakenly believe they will be living in a boring nursing home. For most communities, this could not be further from the truth. The following offers information on why these assisted living communities are ideal for veterans who need assistance but do not want to be placed in a nursing home where they live a hopeless life. Veterans and their loved ones should consider the following so they can make a sound decision on daily care. 

Veterans Live Their Best Lives

Every veteran has the right to live an optimal life. Although challenges undoubtedly come as a person grows older, they never stop learning, growing, and dreaming, and they should not. With the right community program, veterans will continue to thrive and enjoy life to the fullest. Here, veterans will enjoy life each day with exciting and engaging activities that meet their spiritual needs. 

There is always something to see, do, and experience in these communities. The friendships made with other residents will be lifelong and fulfilling. Veterans will find every day brings a new adventure that allows them to experience life in innovative ways they thought were not possible. 

Delicious Meals Cooked for Veterans

Veterans will also discover the meals are cooked just for them. Not only do these daily meals taste delicious, but they are also full of nutrients and made to fit the exact dietary needs of veterans so they can stay healthy and strong. 

These meals are created by expert chefs and are not the boring mess hall meals many people think about when they consider food in assisted living communities.. Veterans will not have to worry about shopping, meal prep, and cooking chores. They can enjoy every meal without work. 

The Growth of Community

Each veteran resident becomes a true part of a community. People from all walks of life join together and become friends that are more like family. Living together allows veterans to enjoy comradery with fellow veteran residents. Many veterans find the bonds of friendship are no different in the independent living community than the battlefield. 

With special events, communal spaces, group classes, and stimulating activities, veterans are sure to create amazing bonds of friendship that last a lifetime. These communities provide veterans with the opportunity to have a rich social life like never before. 

Educating Veterans About the Benefits They Are Entitled to Receive

Often, veterans are unaware of the benefits that are available to them. When veterans are ill-informed, they could be missing out on important benefits that could enrich their lives and pay for the services they need for daily living. While living in these communities, veterans will receive the full educational help they need for better understanding the VA programs that are available, including the allowances and pensions they can receive. 

Veterans and their loved ones could qualify for thousands of dollars a year in pensions. VA pensions are the most well-known types of benefits available to veterans. The following are some of the requirements for applying for these benefits. 

  • The veteran must have served at least ninety days of active duty. At least one of those days must have been served during wartime. 
  • If the veteran entered service after September 7, 1980, they are required to have served active duty for at least twenty-four months. At least one day must have been served during wartime, though there are some exceptions. 
  • The veteran must also be 65 or older, permanently disabled, receiving skilled nursing services for a physical or mental incapacity, or a recipient of supplemental social security or social security disability insurance benefits. 

Discover Further Information

Now is the time for veterans and their families to learn more about the available benefits to them so they can take action. Getting help from the VA will allow veterans to receive assistance in paying for the daily care they need. With these communities, veterans will receive the care they need, while they live as independently as possible. 

At Villa de Sant Antonio, we welcome veterans with open arms and will work to provide them with the daily care they need. Our community is full of life and excitement every day.