Self-esteem tends to decline as a person gets older. Seniors undergo major life changes, often in a short period. This leaves them feeling as if they have lost control of their lives, which damages their confidence. Family members need to provide words of encouragement to keep the senior’s spirits up. Doing so helps the senior live longer and be happier when doing so. 

Self-Esteem and Age 

Research has shown a person’s self-esteem is directly related to their overall health, regardless of their age. However, seniors over the age of 65 often experience a decline in self-esteem. Real and perceived losses play a role in this, such as the loss of their career, the death of loved ones, a decline in income, and more. They may lose their independence and mobility, leading to a further decline in confidence. 

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. When a senior doesn’t listen to or believe stereotypes about old age, their self-esteem is higher. They continue their activities, not letting their age dictate what they can do. They also feel their lives have more meaning, even as they get older. The encouraging words provided by family members and other residents in their assisted living community improve their state of mind while providing them with a sense of purpose. This leads to a boost in mental health and confidence. 

Physical Health and Self-Esteem

Seniors may also find their health lowers their self-esteem. When a person has little confidence, their stress levels increase. This negatively affects the body. Seniors may find they struggle to get a good night’s sleep and their memory may suffer. In addition, they may suffer from inflammation, depression, high blood pressure, and a decline in their immune systems. Age increases a person’s susceptibility to illness. This, combined with a lack of confidence, can lead to a senior becoming ill more often and needing longer to recover. How can a family increase a loved one’s self-esteem?

The Importance of Socialization

Family and friends remain of great importance to seniors. Older individuals who receive support from loved ones find their confidence improves. Social connections remain necessary regardless of a person’s age. Family members need to visit seniors as often as possible. If they cannot do so, regular phone calls increase in importance. 

Encourage Physical Activity

One thing many seniors struggle with is a loss of mobility. They find they can no longer do things they used to and accept that is a natural part of aging. However, any person can combat a loss of strength and balance with the right help.

They can take part in a balance class or walk with friends and family regularly to improve their strength. When a person’s health declines, they often struggle with a loss of self-esteem. Help them regain their balance and strength and watch them become more confident. Encourage them when improvements are seen so they are motivated to continue with the activities. 

Positive Stereotypes

Seniors often hear negative stereotypes about aging. Family members need to combat these stereotypes by inundating the senior with positive messages. When they help with something, show appreciation. If they struggle because they can no longer do things they used to, tell them it is okay. Every person has limitations, and there are still countless things they can do. 

Ask for Help

Older individuals have experienced many situations in life. When a problem arises, turn to them for advice. They may not have dealt with a similar situation, but they can provide a different perspective and possibly provide a solution. Family members will never know what the senior can help them with until they ask. When someone asks them for help, they feel like they have a purpose. 

Senior-Friendly Housing

Seniors may find they can no longer move about the home freely. They feel like they are losing their independence. Talk to them about moving to assisted living in San Antonio, TX. These communities have amenities in place to keep a senior safe while living independently. For example, they often have handrails in showers and rugs that won’t slip. These features reduce the risk of falls. 

Discuss Current Events

Talk with seniors about current events. This encourages them to share past experiences and relate them to what is happening in the world today. They enjoy sharing what they know and love having input and a different approach to what is happening in the world. Although all participants in a conversation may not have the same viewpoints, keep the discussion respectful. It helps to hear a different point of view, so encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings on current events regularly.

Many independent living services exist today. Families need to compare the options to find the one that is the best for their loved ones. However, families need to stay involved in the senior’s life and provide them with words of encouragement if they move to a senior living community. Every human deserves this. 

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