Parent/child relationships change throughout the years. As parents age, adult children take on more of a parental role. Suddenly the relationship has reversed, and it can be challenging for all parties involved. When a senior parent shows signs of being unable to live alone safely, adult children must decide how to intervene. Some bring their parents into their homes, while others place them in a senior community. There is no right or wrong answer to such a dilemma. Deciding what is best for everyone, especially the seniors, is essential.

Signs a Senior Parent Cannot Live Alone Safely

Determining if a senior parent can live alone safely is not always easy. There are many things to consider. If adult children notice the following signs, they should consider senior living options or moving the parent into their home. 

  • The parent needs help with everyday activities, such as eating, toileting, dressing, and bathing. 
  • They suffer from memory loss that goes well beyond simple forgetfulness. 
  • The senior is not opening their mail or paying bills.
  • They forget simple directions for easy tasks. 
  • The senior parent has fallen recently and suffered severe injuries. 
  • The parent has a mental or physical impairment. 

Some seniors can live alone for the rest of their lives, only needing assistance from time to time. Others may need integrative care found in a senior living community. If problems arise, adult children must decide on the appropriate living arrangement for their elderly parents. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Bringing a Senior Parent Into the Home?

There is no easy answer for a parent’s residential needs. Many adult children bring their parents into their homes, but this is not always the best answer. The following offers some pros and cons of living with elderly parents. Examine these and determine the possible complications arising from such a living arrangement. 

Pro: Adult Children Can Provide Assistance to Their Parents

Every parent needs help, no matter their level of independence. Moving them into the home allows adult children to give their parents daily assistance to ensure they are safe and healthy. Knowing their parents are close in case of an accident gives adult children peace of mind and makes seniors feel more at ease. 

Con: Adult Children May Become Overwhelmed

Many adult children move parents into their homes without thinking about the added responsibility. Being a caregiver takes a great toll on a person’s mental and physical health. Should someone begin taking care of their senior parents full-time, they should at least consider getting help through respite care. 

Pro: Children Enjoy Spending Time with Their Parents

As children grow up and move away from home to start their own families, they often no longer get to spend a lot of quality time together. Adult children often feel a sense of guilt because they do not spend as much time with their parents as they would like. Moving them into the home opens the door for more quality time together. These times will offer memories that will linger on for many years. 

Con: Senior Parents May Be Difficult to Live With

As people age, personality changes are common. What was once a nice and gentle person can become one that is a challenge to handle. Cognitive declines and memory loss can lead to personality changes. If the adult child and their parents do not get along, living together adds a more significant strain on the relationship. 

Pro: Senior Parents May Be More Comfortable with the Familiar

When deciding on support for seniors, families must consider their comfort level. Many seniors feel more comfortable when surrounded by familiar things and people. Moving them into the child’s home may be the best option if there are concerns about comfort. 

Research Carefully to Find the Best Option

Because the cons of living together can sometimes outweigh the pros, seniors may seek assisted living options. These vibrant communities allow seniors to live life to the fullest while remaining safe and secure. 

No matter which option families select, it is essential to decide based on the needs of the senior parent. Consider how they will face life changes, and be there for them every step of the way to ensure their happiness and well-being. Now is an excellent time to begin the search. 

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